Master Planning and Feasibility Studies.

We will work with you to investigate your short, medium and long term requirements and aspirations. This usually commences with a ‘get to know us’ meeting where you outline your aims and determine whether or not you feel that you could work with us. If this is the case and we feel that we have the appropriate services to offer then we will compile a preliminary proposal outlining our services, time frame and fees. Subsequent to this initial feedback we will undertake investigations into the site conditions, applicable planning and construction laws, available building 'envelope' and siting.

We will provide a more detailed report outlining a basic description (in the form of sketch drawings), a preliminary detailed estimate of cost, a detailed fee proposal for architectural services and a projected programme regarding time frames.

Creative Problem Solving and Interior and Exterior design.

Over the next period of time (typically two to six months depending on deadlines and your availability for meetings and decision making) we will develop the design using drawings, models, three dimensional representations, colour boards and any other means that assist in describing the proposals to the client.

We will continually update the estimate of cost.

More often than not a Planning Permit is required. This is an increasingly complex area of design and construction. We have extensive experience dealing with most Councils and will attempt to make this phase as streamlined as possible.

Documentation for building permit, tender/pricing and Contracts.

The detailed documentation serves several purposes. Firstly it is designed to ensure that you understand precisely what you are getting. Secondly it ensures that the builders who are pricing the job have comprehensive information that will result in minimal delays or misunderstandings during the construction phase. It allows the Building Surveyor to issue a building permit. Finally the detailed documents form the basis of a building contract. We will co-ordinate the provision of building contracts.

Typically these documents include detailed descriptions of items such as: structural details, floor coverings, light fittings and communication systems, bathroom fixtures and accessories, kitchen appliances, joinery details, tiles, landscaping, protection works, paint specifications, heating and air-conditioning and standards of finish.

The work of Structural engineers, Land Surveyors, Geotechnical Engineers, Energy Assessors and any other consultants required are co-ordinated by the Architect.

Project Management/ Contract Administration.

During the construction phase we will manage time, cost and quality on your behalf. We will review and certify monthly claims (invoices), variations and provide the builder with any information that they may require in a timely manner. Typically a site meeting attended by the head contractor, Architect, client and relevant sub contractors is held once a week for the duration of the works. To ensure that the construction runs smoothly it is essential to have good communication between the contractor and the Architect. This should be a collaborative process where both parties are continuously looking for exceptional solutions to issues that may arise and planning well ahead to ensure that nothing is likely to hold up the progress. We will also oversee the rectification of any defects that become apparent after handover. We recommend using a contract format which allows for a retention sum of money to be held in trust for a minimum period of ninety days or until all defects have been rectified. At this time the funds are released to the contractor.

Pre purchase advice.

Seccull Architecture often provides inspections and advice about the potential and limitations of a house or parcel of land that is for sale.

This involves investigations into relevant planning controls, easements, site conditions, the general condition of existing structures, probable time frames and costs. We advise the client of the likely suitability of the subject property to fulfil their dreams and plans.